The Engagement Lab is where we experiment with new video technologies and digital formats to drive audience engagement.

This showcase features projects that inject fresh storytelling elements to spotlight customer innovation and deliver powerful interactions. AI avatars offer a glimpse of the potential for gen AI use. Interactive video gives viewers the possibility to choose what they want to watch and access links, surveys and CTAs directly in the video.  Personalized video creates multiple versions of a template video with text, graphics and offers customized for individual viewers. 

Engagement lab projects fall into 3 categories: interactive video, personalized video and digital experience campaigns.

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Draeger Hydrogen Solutions Video

Tasked with creating a video showcasing Dräger’s innovative hydrogen detection technologies, CCS & Archetype Agency harnessed the storytelling possibilities of interactive video technology.  The result is a video that allows viewers to choose content sections to branch off into and deep dive into product hotspots.  This interactive video was honoured with a 2024 Platinum AVA Digital Award for ‘Interactive Capability’.

Cadence Automotive Solutions Video

Cadence Design Systems adopted an innovative approach to enable audiences to learn about their automotive offering.  The result is an interactive ‘choose your own technology’ video that is comprehensive but never feels long.  Analytics show viewers selecting multiple pathways and external links and staying engaged beyond benchmark values.  This video was honoured with a 2023 Lens Award for ‘Best Innovation’.

Cadence Trade Fair Automotive Demos

CCS leveraged interactive video to present Cadence automotive tech demos.  A company’s technology demos can be made more accessible if several demo clips within a product category are contained in one video.  This way viewers can easily navigate to the demos they want to watch without having to search through several different videos.  Additionally, interactive hotpots make drilling down for more technology info and links simple.

Nexperia Webinar Follow-Up Video

Interactive video provided a unique way for Nexperia to follow-up with their workshop participants and allow them to directly download a useful handbook from the video, rate the workshop directly in the video and follow links in the video to register for the next workshop. (Please note that registration links are no longer active.)


CCS Workshop Invitation Videos

Using dynamic video generation, CCS created personalized invitation videos to invite individuals to its 2023 ‘Trends in Corporate Video Storytelling’ workshop.  Based on a single video template, each video included the person’s name, company logo and the info for the closest workshop. The project also incorporated an AI avatar. All videos were rendered on the fly using uploaded user data, thereby efficiently creating dozens of personalized video variations.  Videos were shared with individuals on unique branded landing pages showing their video.



Goodplay is an award-winning digital CSR campaign.  The campaign page featured a video produced by Archetype Agency and the more people who watched the video the more money Archetype donated to a mental health charity.  The real-time donation total was shown in a ‘donation tracker’.  The campaign mobilized Archetype social followers to watch the video and thereby generated donations and raised awareness.  Goodplay was honoured with a 2019 Digital Impact Award for ‘Best Use of Digital to Aid a CSR Campaign’.